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Use and Safety of KAATSU Training:
Results of a National Survey

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Download the PDF

KAATSU can induce a variety of beneficial effects such as increased muscle strength. This study reports on KAATSU training in Japan and the incidence of adverse events in the field. Information was obtained from KAATSU instructors in 105 facilities. Based on the survey results, 12,642 people (male 45.4% and female 54.6% across all generations including young (<20 years old) and elderly (>80 years old).

The most popular purpose of KAATSU training is to strengthen muscle in athletes and to promote the health of subjects including the elderly. It has been also applied to various kinds of physical conditions, cerebrovascular diseases, orthopedic diseases, obesity, cardiac diseases, neuromuscular diseases, diabetes, hypertension and respiratory diseases in Japan.

KAATSU is used with various types of exercise modalities (walking, cycling, and weight training) where most individuals do 5 – 30 minutes of KAATSU training per session, performing KAATSU 1-3 times per week. READ MORE…