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KAATSU AQUA Certification Training and Exam Registration


Register for the KAATSU AQUA Certification Program.

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KAATSU AQUA Certification

Gain Access to the KAATSU AQUA Certification Training and Exam!

Please Note:
Passing the KAATSU AQUA Certification Exam is a prerequisite for purchasing KAATSU Equipment such as the KAATSU Master, KAATSU Nano, KAATSU Air Bands and KAATSU Aqua Bands.

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Additional information

Passing the Exam

All the training that you need to become a Certified KAATSU AQUA is located inside of this website. The KAATSU AQUA Certification Exam is conducted right here as well, and you must score 90% to pass. If you initially fail the test, the correct answers to your missed questions will appear. Take your time to learn the correct answers. You can repeat the test, although the order of the questions will change and new questions will appear. The goal of the test is to confirm that you have a firm grasp of the course material.

Receiving Your Certificate

Upon passing the exam, we will be notified automatically and you will promptly receive a print quality certificate in PDF format by e-mail. Your Certified KAATSU AQUA certificate will bear the signature of Dr. Yoshiaki Sato, the inventor of KAATSU Training, and your access privileges within this website will be upgraded so that you can purchase and operate KAATSU Equipment.

Ordering KAATSU Equipment

When you qualify to order KAATSU Equipment (as a result of passing the KAATSU AQUA Certification Exam and receiving your certificate), you will be able to order it through this website. If you reside outside of the United States, please note that you will need to request a shipping quote in advance.