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KAATSU Air Bands (arms only)


The KAATSU Air Bands are sold as a set, which includes 2 Arm Bands and 2 Leg Bands. KAATSU Air Bands come in 3 sizes: small, medium and large for both the arms and legs. The Arm Bands are shorter and thinner than the longer and wider Leg Bands. Controls on both the KAATSU Master (sold separately) and KAATSU Nano (sold separately) allow for different amounts of compressed air when using the Arm Bands versus the Leg Bands.

Please note: If your desired size is not presented as an option, that means that it is presently not in stock.  If you would like to make arrangements to order a size that is presently unavailable, simply call us toll-free and we will make it possible for you to order your desired size with the understanding that your order will be filled just as soon as your item(s) are back in stock.

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North American pricing: US $150

Detachable from device during a session


Small: less than 18 km (7.06 inches) 
Medium: 18 – 28 cm (7.06 – 11.02 inches) 
Large: 28 – 38 cm (11.02 – 14.96 inches) 
Extra Large: 38 – 48 cm (14.96 – 18.89 inches)

If you exceed 48 cm in circumference on your upper arms or 70 cm in circumference on your upper legs, then special order KAATSU Air Bands are recommended.


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Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large