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How Does KAATSU Work?

  • KAATSU Specialists carefully identify the safe and optimal band compression appropriate for each individual.
  • This process takes less than 10 minutes using the KAATSU Master or KAATSU Nano.
  • Each individual will have a different compression level, measured in SKU (Standard KAATSU Units).
  • By moderately restricting the venous blood flow back to the heart from the arms and legs, the limbs become temporarily engorged in blood.
  • The palm of the hands becomes pink and flushed with blood. Blood flows naturally to normally unused or underused capillaries.
  • Even without lifting weights or doing strenuous aerobic exercise, KAATSU increases the mobilization rate of muscle fibers. There is a concurrent rise in the concentration of lactic acid in the blood.
  • The high level of lactic acid stimulates intramuscular receptors that subsequently accelerate the increased secretion of growth hormones from the pituitary gland.

What KAATSU Is Not

KAATSU Training is not occlusion training. KAATSU does not cut off blood flow to the arms or legs.

  • KAATSU Bands are not used as a tourniquet. Rather, KAATSU Bands help increase the blood flow to unused and underused capillaries in the arms and legs.
  • KAATSU exclusively uses genuine KAATSU Master, KAATSU Nano, and KAATSU Bands to safely moderate blood flow.
  • Other methods to restrict blood flow using non-KAATSU equipment is not KAATSU.

Important Points:

  • Do not use anything other than KAATSU Bands to moderate blood flow to your limbs.
  • KAATSU Specialists must correctly and accurately identify your optimal compression levels. Do not do this by yourself.
  • The only approved and accepted location of the KAATSU Bands is on the upper arms or upper legs.
  • Do not use the arm bands and leg bands at the same time.
  • Place KAATSU Bands over clothing (e.g., t-shirts, tights or shorts).
  • Do not increase the pressure (i.e., SKU levels) by yourself
  • Do not use the KAATSU arm belts more than 15 minutes.
  • Do not use the KAATSU leg belts more than 20 minutes.
  • Everyone has different optimal pressures. More pressure does not mean better. Lesser pressure does not mean weaker.
  • The KAATSU Master enables an experienced KAATSU Specialist to determine your own optimal pressure via physiologic markers. Your optimal pressure may change from day to day.
  • Do not use heavy weights while using KAATSU. Muscle building with KAATSU can be effectively done without heavy weights.
  • Using too high arbitrary pressures may result in severe medical complications (e.g., rhabdomyolysis).
  • Using too low arbitrary pressures will be ineffective.
  • KAATSU can be used with any form of exercise.
  • KAATSU produces effects in a short time using no weights or very light weights or simple aerobic exercises. This is ideal for those recovering from injuries, in rehabilitation, elderly individuals or people with busy lifestyles.
  • KAATSU can be used in any location or in the water using KAATSU Aqua Bands.
  • Because KAATSU can be done even while wearing a cast or sling, KAATSU can be done while recovering from injuries or by people of advanced age.