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Dr. Sato, The Inventor


Holder of 47 Patents on KAATSU

A Tokyo, Japan native, he invented KAATSU and has co-authored over 100 publications in peer-review publications on KAATSU. Dr. Sato holds 47 patents on KAATSU Training and equipment in Japan, United States, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, China, Korea, Canada, Hong Kong and other countries.  

Chairman and Benefactor

He is the Chairman and Benefactor of the Department of KAATSU Training Ischemic Circulatory Physiology in the 22nd Century Medical and Research Center at The University of Tokyo and manages the KAATSU Center at the Research Institute of Sports Science of the State General Administration of Sports in the People’s Republic of China, the KAATSU Medical Center at Jilin University in the China-Japan Union Hospital in the People’s Republic of China, and is the Chairman of the Japan KAATSU Training Society.

Fellow in the National Academy of Inventors

Dr. Sato discovered the effect of KAATSU Training (blood flow moderation exercise) and has spent his career developing equipment and exercise protocols to deliver the health and fitness benefits of KAATSU. He continues his research into new medical applications in both Japan and the United States. He was honored as a Knight Commander of The Ecumenical Medical Humanitarian Order of Saint John Jerusalem, is a Special Advisor for Green Cross, and was inducted as a Fellow in the National Academy of Inventors.